Gabriel Bujold

Product Marketer & Retail Investor

Hey! 👋 Thank you for being here!I’m Gabriel Bujold: product marketer in the SaaS industry that love writing stuff about marketing, finances, and technology.

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What I do

I'm a product marketing manager at Sherweb and my goal is to make sure IT companies can growth with us.I'm also the cofounder of Allswealth, a financial planning software for Canadians.

My Portfolio

I worked on plenty of projects, but some of them helped me push my limits and accomplish great results. Discover everything about my projects.

The Stuff I'm Writing

I'm writing stuff on the web occasionally. If you find something I wrote interesting or if you want to collab on an article, let me know!

What is This?

This is my personal website. I'm putting updates and all my relevant professional stuff here. My two main interests are below, which is product marketing for SaaS & finances.

Product Marketing

I'm an experienced marketer specialized in product marketing in the software industry.

Personal Finances & Investments

I'm always trying to learn more about investing and personal finances. Follow my journey on my newsletter!

Every month, I'm writing insightful content on a digestible newsletter. Subscribe below

About Me

Passionate of technology, I’ve followed my father's footsteps by being interested in sales as a young age. Later on, I got my first marketing course and fell in love with the field of study. 10 years later, I’ve become an experienced product marketer in the SaaS industry.As a cooperator, I listen before pitching ideas. I believe that customers should be the #1 source of business insights and my love for startups is unconditional. Since technology is my passion, I’m promoting products to IT professionals. Remote work is my only type of work.In my free time, I’m the co-founder of Allswealth, a financial planning software. I really like talking about finances, hence why I’m writing a monthly newsletter about investing. I’m a big outdoors guy—I like camping, hiking, climbing, and bouldering.Yes it’s a full-grown mustache. Thanks for asking!

Where to reach me

To reach me out, simply ping me on LinkedIn or via email. I'll try to respond as soon as possible.

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