Gabriel Bujold

Product Marketing Consultant for B2B SaaS Startups

Achieving revenue as a startup is painful, especially when product and marketing are not aligned.I help B2B SaaS startups position themselves better and accelerate their traction with product marketing advices.

I help startups like you generate growth momentum with my proven framework

With the help of strategic positioning, customer-centric messaging, and the right mix of analysis, I will bring you traction and revenue insights.I specialized in:

  • Product Positioning

  • Website & Email Messaging

  • Outbound Analysis

  • GTM Strategies

  • Customer Interviews

Marketing consultants have a bad rep. Here's why you're not "flipping a coin"

I worked with over 35+ startups as a product marketing expert to develop a proven framework to achieve your objectives, instead of disjointed generic business advicesI'm one of the key players behind BizDev Labs, the new way of B2B growth.

This is the part where I tell you what I actually do

If you get this far, that means that I'm good at what I do. Here's how I work with startups like you:

  • You jump on a call with me to talk about your startup

  • I do a product marketing analysis and present it to you

  • We set clear objectives, expectations and timeline.

  • We get to work!

What my clients think:

About Me

Passionate of technology, I’ve followed my father's footsteps by being interested in sales as a young age. Later on, I got my first marketing course and fell in love with the field of study. 10 years later, I’ve become an experienced product marketer in the SaaS industry.As a cooperator, I listen before pitching ideas. I believe that customers should be the #1 source of business insights and my love for startups is unconditional. Remote work is my only type of work.I’m a big outdoors guy—I like camping, hiking, climbing, and bouldering.Yes it’s a full-grown mustache. Thanks for asking!

Where to reach me

To reach me out, simply ping me on LinkedIn or via email. I'll try to respond as soon as possible.

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